~Da World Betta Watch Out~


Does your environment happen to you?
Or do YOU happen to your surroundings?

change the world



Why walk when you can dance?

Why walk to class when you could dance there instead?


Seriously though. Why do *you* walk to class?

Dishes Really Don’t Intimidate Me

So I’m walking through the kitchen, and I notice that the dishes are kindof stacking up. “Why are the dishes stacking up?” I ask myself, “Whose turn is it to do the dishes?” I bring my gaze up to the small whiteboard on the wall and see my own initials by that chore. “Oh. Well that explains it. :)”


So I walk away and continue enjoying the day  🙂

Important Decisions

I had a dream that it was breakfast at All Church Retreat and there was a huge cornucopia of cereals in the center of the field like the Hunger Games. All I remember thinking was, ‘Should I just grab a Raisin Bran from the outskirts and book it so I’ll be guaranteed to live or risk it for the Fruity Pebbles and Captin Crunch in the middle?’  – Rachel Powell


Food for the Soul

My younger sister just spent the last of grocery money for the month to buy a gym membership.

In her words, “Priorities.”

[Don’t worry, though. My fridge is stocked and I always buy food for a hungry Hope]