~Da World Betta Watch Out~


Does your environment happen to you?
Or do YOU happen to your surroundings?

change the world


Dishes Really Don’t Intimidate Me

So I’m walking through the kitchen, and I notice that the dishes are kindof stacking up. “Why are the dishes stacking up?” I ask myself, “Whose turn is it to do the dishes?” I bring my gaze up to the small whiteboard on the wall and see my own initials by that chore. “Oh. Well that explains it. :)”


So I walk away and continue enjoying the day  🙂

Important Decisions

I had a dream that it was breakfast at All Church Retreat and there was a huge cornucopia of cereals in the center of the field like the Hunger Games. All I remember thinking was, ‘Should I just grab a Raisin Bran from the outskirts and book it so I’ll be guaranteed to live or risk it for the Fruity Pebbles and Captin Crunch in the middle?’  – Rachel Powell


Food for the Soul

My younger sister just spent the last of grocery money for the month to buy a gym membership.

In her words, “Priorities.”

[Don’t worry, though. My fridge is stocked and I always buy food for a hungry Hope]