Earlier this evening, I was thinking back across life and I thought of one aspect I currently enjoy and imitate about God – being restful, enjoying ones life, thinking.  So I wondered when or how I picked up on that concept.

I thought back and remembered someone whose example had become an encouragement to me, after I stumbled across these truths in Scripture.


An example. That’s what good reputation is – I think it’s when one person sees the way one person lives their life, and eventually that serves as a example of godliness which encourages and grows the person who saw the example. That’s the principle.

And the specific case I was thinking of:

That someone, the person I remembered, was a man drinking a beer on his porch. The story goes like this: I was visited my brother at his apartment, and this was before the time where I even thought that it was okay to drink beer, and his roommate (already known to be humble, a man of character)  got home, got a beer out of the fridge, and took it outside.  He took time to himself, thinking, sipping the beer, and watching cars by go.

And I gave a look to my brother (since I didn’t necessarily approve of any type of drinking yet), and my brother explained that Dom always has one beer each day, right after work.  Eventually, concepts about spending time thinking, about restfulness, about enjoyment after production/work, and about moderation reminded me of Dom. He lives in a way that answered some of my questions about “What would that look like?”


Now, I know some people who are must MUCH more concerned with their reputation than with character. They pursue reputation to the exclusion of humility or seeking more character.  They preach nothing but good reputation, but they are also the type to tell you to give up, food, drink, coffee with a person of the opposite gender, “rock” music, beer, relaxation, or anything that might “damage your reputation, and thus your witness.”  Yet these “lovers of good reputation”  could NEVER in their wildest dreams imagine that drinking a beer would actively make someone have a good reputation.

They will agree with the part of the post that spells out the theory, right until they get to the actual example. “No,” they think, “that’s not what we wanted at all! That’s not what we are talking about when we say ‘good rep’!!”  And yet, the fact that they hate the example shows that they doesn’t really love the actual concept of a quality reputation yet.

It’s like the Jewish Pharisees reading the Old Testament. They loved God in theory and on paper, and they agreed with Him right up until they met God in real life. They loves God in theory but not God in real life, which proved that they were actually loving God at all.


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