We operate by the general assumption that we can’t divide by zero. But can God divide by zero?  I thought about it using metaphor. I asked myself,

What am I asking myself? What would it mean to divide by zero?

If 12 ÷ 4 = 3, one can explain it this way: If you take 12 muffins and divide them equally so that 4 people end up with some, each person will get 3 muffins.


So then perhaps dividing by zero would be explained this day: If you take 12 muffins and divide them so that no one ends up with any, how many muffins will be gotten by people?

If you want no one to end up with any of the muffins, you would have to thrown them away or otherwise destroy/waste them. The answer would be zero; no muffins were gotten by people. 12 ÷ 0 would have to equal 0.

This would mean that it’s not actually impossible to divide by zero. It’s just impossible to divide by zero and end up with any answer other than zero. Maybe if God snuffed something completely out of existence, that would be Him dividing by zero.

Apparently Einstein came up with a similar theory:





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