Darkest Days – Poem 1 – Decision!


I am making a mistake
But I don’t know what the mistake is
I don’t know a better option –


If I choose one thing,
It will end very, very badly
If I choose the alternative
It will end even worse

If I circumvent those two disasters somehow
I’ll fall into a new and unforeseen disaster
Like the wise man who carefully avoided the banana peel
Only to fall into an open manhole

So I’m choosing to make a mistake
It’s not like I have a choice
The only question before is this:
Which mistake is the best one to make?
Or, perhaps the better question would be:
Which mistake would I rather make?

But even asking that might be an error
Not that I know to resolve any of those questions
Oh well – I think I’ll grow used to the idea
That I’m going to make mistakes and errors

I can’t think my way out of it
I’ll just wait, and accept the consequences
Whatever I choose them to be
By making whatever mistakes I’ll make
And am making
So there.


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