Bio: GLADOS: All right, paradox time. This sentence is false! WHEATLEY: Uh... true. I'll go "true". Huh, that was easy. I'll be honest, I might have heard that one before, though; sort of cheating. ______________________________________________________ Other Wheatley quotations: WHEATLEY: This is.... yeah. Ummm. Hm. Okay. Don't want to alarm you, but if you've got a plan, of any kind, now would be a great time for us to switch to your plan. WHEATLEY: Look at this! No rail to tell us where to go! OH, this is brilliant. We can go where ever we want! Hold on, though, where are we going? Seriously. Hang on, let me just get my bearings. Hm. Just follow the rail, actually. WHEATLEY: Any ideas? Any ideas? No? No, me neither. Oh wait! I've got it I've got it I've got it! No, I haven't got it. WHEATLEY: The floor. What's the floor doing? What's the floor up to? Do you know what? It's holding everything up. The floor is important, holding everything up. WHEATLEY: Don't worry I'm absolutely guaranteeing you 100 percent that it's this way... Oh. It's not this way. WHEATLEY: Though it does give me an idea: WHAT if we stand here and let the gentle hum of the laser transport us to a state of absolute relaxation. Might help us think of a way to open the door. WHEATLEY: Hold on, something's wrong! Neurotoxin level's up to 50%! No, it's down. Sorry, my mistake. I meant to say it's down to fifty percent. Good news! Carry on! WHEATLEY: Well... Good. Good. Finally, a nemesis worthy of my vast intellect. WHEATLEY: No matter. Because I'm STILL holding all the cards, and guess what: they're allll Full Houses! ...I've never played cards. Meaning to learn. WHEATLEY: Oh! Oh oh! Yes. Alright. Just had a brainwave. I'll be back. If you're still alive. I'll be back. Don't die until I get back. WHEATLEY: Now than, let's see what we got here. Oh! 'Reactor Core Emergency Heat Venting Protocols.' That's the problem right there, isn't it? 'Emergency'. You don't want to see 'emergency' flashing at you. Never good that, is it? Right. DELETE. Undelete, undelete! Where's the undelete button? WHEATLEY: Alright, so, silent contemplation it is. Mysterious button... Sorry. Sorry. Silence. Do not speak. In the silence. Let the silence descend. Here it comes. One hundred percent silence. From now. By the way, if you come up with any ideas, do flag them up. Don't feel you have to stay quiet because I've said absolute silence. So if you come up with an idea, mention it. Otherwise, absolute silence starting... Now. ______________________________________________________ http://theportalwiki.com/wiki/Wheatley_voice_lines

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